The Mexican War

Before the war
After the war

Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences. Click on the blue links. They will take you to a webpage. You will find the informatino you need there. If there is no link, the information is in the link above. Example: There is a link in number 2. The webpage on the number 2 link answers questions 2-5.

1. What is Manifest Destiny?
2. What was the original cause of the struggle between the United States and Mexico?
3. When did Texas declare independence from Mexico?
4. Why was Sam Houston important to Texas Independence?
5. Why was Stephen Austin important to Texas?
6. What three things did the Mexican government ask the Texans to do?
7. What did the Mexican government abolish that upset the Texans?
8. How did the War with Mexico begin? (Read the third paragraph)
9. Who was Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and what role did he play in the Mexican War?
10. Where was the first major action of the war fought?
11. What was the result of the Battle of San Jacinto?
12. When did Texas become a territory of the United States?
13. What role did James K. Polk play during the Mexican War?
14. What event took place that encouraged both sides to talk peace?
15. Henry David Thoreau against the Mexican War. How did he show it?
16. Why did Abraham Lincoln oppose the Mexican War?
17. What was the name of the treaty that ended the war?
18. What states became part of the United States after the Mexican Cession?
19. What was the Gadsden Purchase and how much was paid for the land?
20. Who were the Saint Patrick's Batallion?
21. Why did some of the San Patricios fight for the Mexican Army?
22. What were the San Patricios considered in America? What were they considered in Mexico?
23. What happened to the San Patricios when they were caught by the American Army?

24. How are the San Patricios remembered today?

Answer the rest of the questions by looking at the maps.

25. What river did Texas and the United States think was the border between Mexico and Texas?

26. What river did Mexico believe was the border between Mexico and Texas?

27. Why were Captain Seth Thornton and his soldiers attacked?

28. The map above shows that the United States achieved its manifest destiny. Explain why that is true.