Nationalism and Sectionalism
Answer the questions your own paper using complete sentences. Click on the blue links to find the answers.

1. What is nationalism? (You can also try this link.)
2. Who created the American System and what was it?
3. What was a protective tariff and who would benefit from one?
4. What did the national bank do?
5. Why would improving the country’s transportation system be good for the economy?
6. What did the Erie Canal link?
7. Why did the creation of the Erie Canal help New York City grow?
8. How many miles long was the Erie Canal?
9. Who became president in 1816?
10. What was this era known as?
11. What countries claimed the Oregon Territory?
12. What did the Adams-Onís Treaty do?
13. What is sectionalism?
14. Why did the question of Missouri becoming a state cause a problem?
15. Who created the compromise?
16. What did he want to stop the North and South from fighting about?
17. What did the Missouri Compromise do?
18. What did the Monroe Doctrine say?
19. What did Monroe warn Europe about in the doctrine?
20. What did the Monroe Doctrine show?