Native American History

In this assignment, you will be reading about what happened to the Native American population in the United States from the end of the Civil War through the 1890's. This is a sad part of our history, but one that cannot be ignored if we are truly to understand our past.

Directions: Click on the websites provided and take notes as you read. You are going to turn these notes into a PowerPoint presentation, including pictures. It is your job to tell the story of the Native Americans from the information and pictures gathered from the websites visited. You will be going to five websites. You should be able to have at least four slides from each website you visit. That would be a minimum of 20 slides. You should add at least ten pictures to your PowerPoint. If you don't want to use the pictures on the websites, look for other ones at Google Images.

Here are the websites you will visit:
Western Indian Wars
Battle With the Apache
The Battle of Little Big Horn
Sitting Bull
Massacre at Wounded Knee

Extra Credit - Create a slide with a picture and important informatin on each of the following people.
Big Foot

Black Kettle
Chief Joseph
Crazy Horse
Looking Glass
Red Cloud
Levi Strauss
Brigham Young