The North Changes
Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

The American System
1. What was the purpose of the American System?
2. Whose idea was it?
3. What were the three parts of it?
4. What did Clay hope the American System would do?

The Monroe Doctrine
5. What were the four points of the Monroe Doctrine?
6. What did the Monroe Doctrine warn other countries about?
7. How did the United States now see itself after the Monroe Doctrine?

The Erie Canal
8. When was the Erie Canal begun?
9. When did the Erie Canal open?
10. How long was the canal?
11. What waterways did the Erie Canal connect?

Shipping in New York
12. How did the canal help merchants who were shipping goods between New York and Lake Erie?
13. How did the Erie Canal pay off the money it cost to build it?

Look at the map below and answer the questions that follow.

14. What are four major cities along the Erie Canal?
15. What waterway connected the Erie Canal to Albany?
16. At what city does the Erie Canal start near on Lake Erie?
17. What route would a ship take to get from Albany to Lake Ontario?
18. What body of water is farthest east on the map?

19. According to the chart above, how long did it take freight to travel on the Erie Canal? How long over the dirt road?
20. Name two reasons why the travel on the canal was better than traveling on the dirt road?