The North Wins
Question pages 512-519
Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

1. How many Union casualties were there at Fredericksburg?

2. How many Union and Confederate troops fought at Gettysburg?

3. What was the result of Pickett’s Charge?

4. How many men were killed or wounded at Gettysburg?

5. Why might have Lincoln been disappointed after the Union victory at Gettysburg?

6. Most of the Civil War was fought in the South. Gettysburg was in the North. How might attitudes of Union soldiers have been affected by fighting in their own territory?

7. Why was Grant a good general?

8. Why did Lee fight for the Confederacy during the war instead of the Union?

9. What was the Anaconda Plan?

10. Why was control of the Mississippi River an important strategy for the Union?

11. Who did President Lincoln name as head of the Union army?

12. What was Sherman’s total war strategy?

13. How did Sherman’s victory in Atlanta help Lincoln?

14. What did Lincoln hope for in his second inaugural speech?

15. About how many miles did Sherman’s troops have to march to get from Atlanta to Savannah?

16. How many men did Grant lose in the Battle of the Wilderness, Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor?

17. Why did Union soldiers pin their names and addresses to their uniforms?

18. Where did Grant and Lee face off for ten months?

19. What was Lee protecting and why was he protecting it so hard?

20. Where did Grant and Lee sign the surrender papers?

21. What was the date of surrender?

22. Why was their joy and sadness at the signing of the surrender?

23. What were Grant’s terms of surrender?

24. How many years had the Civil War lasted?