Old West Scavenger Hunt

Directions: Click on the links below to answer the questions.

1. What was Buffalo Bill's real name?

2. How did Buffalo Bill get his name?

3. What was the name of Buffalo Bill's show?

4. What war did Jesse James fight in?

5. What side was he on?

6. What did Jesse like to rob?

7. How did Jesse James die?

8. Why is George Armstrong Custer best remembered?

9. What is the Battle of Little Big Horn commonly known as?

10. Who fought in the Battle of Little Big Horn?

11. When was the battle?

12. What two men led the battle for the Indians and the army?

13. How many men did Custer lose in the battle?

14. What was the result of the battle?

15. What was Calamity Jane's real name?

16. Why do you think she is remembered?

17. How did she get her nickname?

18. What company did Leland Stanford help found?

19. What political position did Stanford hold?

20. What university did Leland Stanford begin?

21. Who was Geronimo?

22. Who did Geronimo fight against?

23. What did Geronimo refuse to acknowledge?

24. Where was Geronimo when he died?

25. How old was Geronimo when he died?

26. Why was Geronimo where he was when he died?

27. Why is Billy the Kid famous?

28. What was Billy the Kid's name when he was born?

29. What crime was Billy first arrested for?

30. What two crimes did Billy do next?

31. What captured Billy and where was he captured?

32. What were Billy's last words?

33. How did Billy die?

34. What did Cyrus McCormick invent?

35. Why was his invention so important?

36. What did McCormick name his company?

37. Who was Sitting Bull?

38. What is it believed he is the last Sioux to do?

39. What was the Battle of Little Big Horn also known as?

40. What was the result of the battle?

41. What was "Wild Bill" Hickock's real name?

42. Why is Wild Bill Hickock famous?

43. How did Wild Bill Hickock die?

44. What was Annie Oakley's real name?

45. What was she most skilled at?

46. How did "Stagecoach Mary" get her nickname? (Fifth paragraph from the bottom)

47. What is Wyatt Earp most remembered for?

48. How old was Wyatt Earp when he died?

49. What city did Wyatt Earp die in?

50. What were the Buffalo Soldiers and how did they get their nickname?

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