The Oregon Trail

Directions: Click on the sites indicated. Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

Click on Introduction to the Trail.

1. Why was the Oregon Trail important?
2. How many people in ten died on the trail?
3. What were the real enemies of the pioneers on the trail?
4. Who were the first people to travel by covered wagon to Oregon?

5. How many people traveled on the Oregon Trail?

Click on Jumping Off.

6. What river did most people start their journey to Oregon on?
7. Why did the emigrants have to wait for the grass to grow?
8. What supplies did the emigrants need to bring with them?
9. Why did the emigrants use farm wagons on their trip?
10. What type of things did the emigrants throw out after they realized they had to much?

Click on The Route West.

11. How many miles was the trip to Oregon?
12. How long did the sea journey to Oregon take?
13. How long did the journey by wagon to Oregon take?
14. What river does the Oregon Trail follow?

15. Click on Fantastic Facts. Click on two of the Fantastic Facts and write a short summary about each.

16. How many Mormons moved west on the trails?
17. Where did they end up?
18. Why did the Mormons move west?

19. Who was the founder of the Mormon church?
20. Who led the Mormons west in 1846?

The Gold Rush

Gold Rush: Discovery
21. Who and when was gold discovered in California?
22. How was gold discovered in California?
23. Who owned the mill where the gold was discovered?

Gold Fever
24. Who was the president during the gold rush?
25. Why do we call the people who rushed to California 49ers?

Part 2
Pretend you are on the Oregon Trail with your family. Write a series of three journal entries talking about your life on the trail. Each journal entry should be at least five sentences long. For extra credit you may write extra journals, or you can draw a picture that represents the Oregon Trial.