Plantations and the Spread of Slavery
Questions pages 348-353
Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

1. Who invented the cotton gin?
2. What did the cotton gin do?
3. With the invention of the cotton gin, how much cotton could one worker clean per day?
4. Why did the invention of the cotton gin cause the production of cotton to grow?
5. Why did cotton exports increase?
6. Why did slavery increase from the invention of the cotton gin?
7. How much did a male field hand in the 1790’s cost? (I know it sounds strange to think of a person behind bought and sold, but that’s what slavery was).
8. How much did a male field hand cost in the 1830’s?
9. What kind of things did slaves in cities do?
10. What was the biggest threat to a free slave?
11. What story in the Bible did the slaves most relate to?
12. What are spirituals?
13. What did singing spirituals offer slaves?
14. What did spirituals often contain?
15. What was the cruelest part of slavery?
16. How did Frederick Douglass and his mother resist slavery?
17. Name the three men mentioned who led slave revolts.
18. What did Nat Turner believe God wanted him to do? (Look in the box on the right)
19. What was the result of Nat Turner’s Rebellion?
20. How did Nat Turner’s Rebellion affect white Southerners?