Politics of the People
Pages 366-373
Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

1. How did Andrew Jackson become a hero?
2. Who were the candidates in the 1824 presidential election?
3. Who won the presidential election of 1824?
4. Who was John Quincy Adam’s father?
5. Why was John Quincy Adams unpopular?
6. What profession did Jackson become?
7. Why did voters like Jackson?
8. What did Jackson feel about the election of 1824?
9. Who did Jackson claim to represent?
10. Who did Jackson claim Adams represented?
11. What two man ran for president in the presidential election of 1828?
12. Who did Jackson promise to look after?
13. What is Jacksonian Democracy?
14. Why did Western farmers vote for Jackson?
15. What helped Jackson become president?
16. Why did Jackson hate the British?
17. What happened to Jackson’s wife after he took office and what did he believe caused it?
18. What is the “spoils system?”
19. What do you feel are the good and bad points to the spoils system?
20. What three major issues would Jackson face as president?