The Ratification Debate
Complete any of the assignments below. You will need to accumulate a total of 80 points.

1. Read the chapter & answer the questions - Ratifying the Constitution Pages 234-237. 10 pts.

2. Make a full color poster showing the differences between the Federalists & the Antifederalists. 10 pts.

3. Make a booklet describing the political process leading to the ratification of the Constitution. 10 pts.

4. Explain why people thought the Constitution was incomplete. 10 pts.

5. Construct a diorama showing any scene in the chapter. Explain it. 10 pts.

6. Read the chapter and explain any three illustrations. 5 pts.

7. Make a poster illustrating the ratification process. 10 pts.

8. Write the dialog that may have taken place on the debate on the ratification of the Constitution. 15 pts.

9. Make flash cards using any 15 key terms from the chapter. Learn them. 10 pts.

10. Design a tri-fold brochure promoting the ratification of the Constitution. 10 pts.

11. Design and illustrate a cartoon about the ratification process. 15 pts.

12. Make 15 flash cards covering the ratification process. Learn them. 10 pts.

13. Create a time line showing the steps to ratification. 10 pts.

14. Create a PowerPoint presentation on five of the key people involved in the ratification process. 20 pts.