Ratifying the Constitution Assignment
Pages 234-237
Complete the assignment on your own paper.
You may use the textbook or the Internet sites to complete this assignment.

Terms & Names - Explain the significance of and define the following in relation to ratifying the Constitution

1. federalism
2. Antifederalists
3. Federalists
4. The Federalist papers
5. George Mason
6. James Madison
7. Bill of Rights - Why was it added to the Constitution?
8. Use a diagram like the one below to compare and contrast the Federalists and the Antifederalists.
You may use the charts below to create your diagram.


9. Which group do you think made the stronger argument about ratification, the Federalists or Antifederalists? Why?

10. Summarize the arguments in favor of adding a bill of rights to the Constitution. (3rd and 4th paragraphs)