Rebuilding the Union
Pages 533-537
Answer the questions using complete sentences on your own paper.

One American’s Story
1. Why does it make sense that Thaddeus Stevens wanted “the whole fabric of southern society” to change?

Reconstruction Begins
2. What was the purpose of Reconstruction?
3. What years were Reconstruction?
4. Why does it make sense that the Freedmen’s Bureau set up schools and hospitals for African Americans?
5. Why does it make sense that President Johnson offered amnesty to most white Southerners?

Rebuilding Brings Conflict
6. Why does it make sense that Southerners passed the Black Codes?
7. Why did the Radical Republicans want to destroy the South’s old ruling class?

Civil Rights Act
8. What did the Civil Rights Act of 1866 do?
9. Why did Johnson veto the bill?

The Fourteenth Amendment
10. What did the 14th Amendment state?
11. Why does it make sense that former Confederate states refused to support the amendment?
12. What did the Reconstruction Act of 1867 divide the South into?
13.Why do you think this happened?

New Southern Governments
14. What were scalawags?
15. What were carpetbaggers?
16. Why does it make sense that carpetbaggers were hated in the South?
17. What political gains did African Americans make during Reconstruction?

Johnson is Impeached
18. What is impeachment?
19. What happens after the president is impeached?
20. What was the result of Johnson’s impeachment trial?