The Reformation
Pages 461-479
Answer the questions using complete on your own paper.

1. Where did Pope Clement V move the Catholic government?

2. What was the Great Schism?

3. What was the effect of the Great Schism?

4. What were indulgences?

5. Why were some people angry about the indulgences?

6. Who is credited with beginning the Reformation?

7. Read the Primary Source at the top of page 464. What groups of people might Luther have angered by posting his theses?

8. Where was Martin Luther born?

9. Why did Luther become a monk?

10. What did Luther believe and question?

11. What did Luther call his disputes with the Church?

12. What are three of Luther’s arguments?

13. What was a Protestant?

14. What is the Reformation?

15. How did Luther’s ideas spread? (page 471)

16. Who was John Calvin?

17. What is predestination?

18. What was the purpose of the Council of Trent?

19. What was the Jesuit’s education based on?

20. What was the Inquisition?

21. How did Church officials get people to confess their sins?

22. What country had the most famous inquisition?

23. What is a missionary?

24. What does it mean to convert?

25. How did the Catholic Church spread during the 16th century?