The Renaissance
Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

The Dawn of a New Age
1. What does Renaissance mean?
2. Where did the Renaissance begin?
3. What did European cities become during the Renaissance?
4. What did Arab scholars preserve?
5. How did painting change in the Renaissance?
6. What did rich families become during the Renaissance?
7. Who was the most famous author of plays during the Renaissance?
8. What were five of his most famous plays?

9. Who did Renaissance scholars study the works of?
10. What did the classics value that Renaissance scholars valued?
11. What is a humanist?
12. What did humanists study?
13. What did humanists emphasize instead of religious beliefs?
14. What subjects do we study today when we study the humanities?

Johann Guttenberg
15. What did Gutenberg invent?
16. What did Gutenberg's invention spread through Europe?
17. Who were the first to invent block printing?
18. What was the first mass-produced book?
19. Why did some religious and government officials not like the printing press?

Renaissance Art
20. How was Renaissance art different from the art during the Middle Ages?
21. What is perspective?
22. How did Leonardo da Vinci begin his career?
23. What were two of Leonardo's famous paintings?
24. Why was da Vinci considered a "Renaissance Man?"
25. What inventions did Leonardo describe and sketch?
26. Click on each of the pictures to see the sketches and write about each of them.
27. Why was Michelangelo also considered a "Renaissance Man?"
28. What famous ceiling did Michelangelo paint?
29. What are the paintings on the ceiling about?
30. What position did Michelangelo have to be in to paint the ceiling?