The Scientific Revolution
Pages 503-507
Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

  1. What was the Scientific Revolution?
  2. What did Copernicus believe about the universe?
  3. What does heliocentric mean?
  4. What did Kepler prove?
  5. What did Galileo make observations with?
  6. Who did Galileo get in trouble with?
  7. What force did Newton have a theory about?
  8. What did Newton call his theory?
  9. Who invented the microscope?
  10. What did the microscope do?
  11. What could scientists do with the microscope they could not do before its invention?
  12. Who invented the thermometer?
  13. What does the thermometer do?
  14. What did Fahrenheit invent?
  15. At what what temperature does water freeze and boil?
  16. What does the barometer do?
  17. What do does the barometer help predict? How? (Look at the pictures on the right)
  18. What was Descartes’ simple statement?
  19. Explain the steps of the scientific method?
  20. What did scientific rationalism encourage people to do?