Lincoln’s Election and Southern Secession
Questions pages 471-477
Answer the questions in your on your own paper using complete sentences.

1. Who won the Republican nomination for president in 1860?
2. What issue did Northern and Southern Democrats disagree about?
3. What did the Southern Democrats and Northern Democrats want?
4. What four men ran for president in 1860 and what party did they represent?
5. What were Lincoln’s views on slavery?
6. What were Breckinridge’s views on slavery?
7. Who won the election and why did he win?
8. Looking at the map on page 473, which state split its vote, and which candidates received those votes?
9. How many states did Lincoln win?
10. What were Southerners concerned might happen?
11. What did Southern states threaten to do if Lincoln won?
12. What did supporters of secession base their arguments on?
13. What was the first state to secede?
14. What were the other states to secede?
15. Why do you think the Deep South states all threatened to secede?
16. What did the states that seceded call themselves?
17. Who did the Confederacy name as their president?
18. What did he do before becoming president of the Confederacy?
19. What were the differences between the U.S. Constitution and the Confederate Constitution?
20. What did some people think could still be avoided?
21. What did Lincoln argue in his First Inaugural Address?
22. What was the Northern position of secession?
23. What did Lincoln assure the South in his First Inaugural Address?
24. What did Lincoln speak against?
25. Why was Fort Sumter a problem for the Union?