Civil War Soldiers

Indtroduction - In this assignment, you will be reading about soldiers during the Civil War. The first part of the assignment you will create a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting Union and Confederate soldiers. In the second part of the assignment, you will read about the lives of ordinary soldiers during the war. Complete both activities on your own paper.

This is a Venn Diagram.

Directions for Part 1 - Click on Union Soldiers. Take at least five notes on facts about the Union soldiers and write them on the left side of the Venn Diagram.

Click on Confederate Soldiers. Take at least five notes on facts about the Confederate soldiers and write them on the right side of the Venn Diagram.

In the center of the Venn Diagram, write three similarites between the Union and Confederate soldiers. Click on Camp Life to find the similarities.

Click on the links to answer the questions. Use complete sentences for your answer.

1. Camp Life: Civil War Collections - How was life in camp different for officers and enlisted men? Give at least three reasons.

2. Existing Day to Day - What article of clothing did the soldiers have to provide for themselves?

3. Playing Games - What kinds of board games to soldiers play?

4. What was the most populuar game?

5. Writing - Why were letters from home were so important?

6. Drinking and Smoking - Why were drinking and smoking important to the soldiers?

7. Taking Pictures - Why did soldiers take pictures during the war? List at least three reasons.

8. Whittling - Read the description of whittling and look at the pictures. What is whittling?

9. Why do you think so many men whittled?

10. Making Music - What is one reason why music was important?

11. What were the drum and bugle used for?

12. Praying - Why was praying so important to soldiers?

13. Who did religious life center around?

14. What religion were most of the men?

15. Why was the 82nd Illinois different?