State Report

• Write you state report on your own paper.

Topics to be included
- State name
- State Capital
- Governor of State
- State bird
- State motto
- State nickname
- State flower
- State tree
- U.S. Senators- there are two per state
- Major cities - list five cities
- Population of the state
- Sports - list the major professional and college sports teams
- Schools/Colleges - list up to five important schools
- Tourist attractions - list five
- Famous people from the state - list 5 and why they are famous

- History of the state (This should be at least one page long and must be written in your own words. Start with when the state joined the United States.)
- Map of the state - You draw, label, and color which includes the capital city, the other major cities, mountains, rivers and lakes.
- Flag of the state you draw and color - Also include what the symbols on the flag represent

The following websites will help you find the information you need.

U.S. State Information
State Governments
State Reports Home
State Report Information