Advances Under the Tang and Song
Answer the questions from pages 223-229 in your notebook using complete sentences.

1. What skill did all Chinese government officials have? What did this show?
2. Why was the city of Ch’ang important?
3. Draw the pyramid of the Tang government.
4. Why do you think it was important that the same set of laws were used everywhere in China?
5. How did people get a job working in the bureaucracy?
6. What did the state exam test?
7. What did a person become once they passed the test?
8. What class did all scholar-officials come from?
9. What years did the Song Dynasty rule China?
10. What was one factor in China becoming the wealthiest nation in the world?
11. How did a better transportation system allow China to grow?
12. How were waterways used?
13. What invention made it easier to travel on the open seas?
14. How were the Chinese able to grow more rice?
15. Why were more people in China able to start working in trade?
16. What did the growth of trade lead to a rapid expansion in the use of?
17. How did the Tang and Song solve the problem of heavy coins?
18. Why did cities and towns grow in China?
19. What did the Chinese invent that enabled them to print books? What was the result of this?
20. Why is the invention of paper and printing so important?
21. How was gunpowder used?
22. What was invented that made the Age of Exploration possible?
23. What products did China export to the rest of the world?
24. How was tea used in China?
25. Review – What were the key Chinese inventions or products that had a great influence on the world?