Tighter British Control
Questions pages 159-162
Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

  1. Why did the American colonists feel like their freedom was being limited after the French and Indian War?
  2. What did the Proclamation of 1763 do?
  3. Why did the Proclamation of 1763 anger the colonists?
  4. Who was the King of England at the time?
  5. What did the Quartering Act do?
  6. Why did Britain need more revenue?
  7. What did the Sugar Act do?
  8. What did James Otis claim Parliament had no right to do?
  9. What did Otis say?
  10. What did the Stamp Act do?
  11. Why was the Stamp Act different than other taxes that had been imposed on the colonies?
  12. What did colonial leaders believe the issue over taxes was about?
  13. What did colonial assemblies and newspapers say?
  14. What was the purpose of the Stamp Act Congress?
  15. What is a boycott?
  16. Why did colonists boycott British goods?
  17. What was the most famous protest organization?
  18. How did the Sons of Liberty respond to the Stamp Act?
  19. What happened to the Stamp Act in 1766?
  20. What did the Declaratory Act say?