Trails West
Questions pages 393-397
Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

1. Why were mountain men important?

2. What did the mountain men make possible?

3. What was South pass?

4. What did some Americans want to do with Native American land?

5. How did land speculators make a great deal of money?

6. What were the reasons why people moved west?

7. Looking at the map on page 395, what was the length of miles on the Oregon Trail from Independence, Missouri to the end of the trail?

8. Why do you think some of the trails ran along side of rivers?

9. What year did Mexico gain independence from Spain?

10. What was the Santa Fe Trail?

11. What do you think other Missourians might decide to do after seeing Becknell’s wealth?

12. What was a prairie schooner?

13. What was the Oregon Trail?

14. Who were the first whites to cross into Oregon?

15. Why did they make the trip?

16. How many miles was the trip to Oregon?

17. Why did the pioneers travel in wagon trains?

18. What group migrated west for religious reasons?

19. Who was their leader?

20. Why did Brigham Young lead the Mormons to Utah?