The War of 1812

Directions - Answer the following questions on your own paper using complete sentences. Click on the blue links to find the answers.

Major Battles of the War of 1812
1. How long did the War of 1812 last?

2. What did the War of 1812 confirm?

3. What country did the United States try to capture during the war?

United States Declares War on Great Britain
4. What was the main dispute that caused the United States to declare war on Great Britain?

5. What was the USS Constitution and why was it important?

6. Who were the two most important War Hawks?

7. What areas did they want to expand the United States into?

8. What two reasons did President Madison give for asking for a declaration war on Great Britain?

9. What were impressments? (Causes of the War)

10. What is the War of 1812 sometimes called?

11. Why do you think Native Americans fought against the U.S. in the War of 1812?

12. What happend to Washington D.C. during the war?

The Battle of Baltimore
13. What fort protected Baltimore?

14. What famous event took place during the battle?

15. What is the name of the treaty that ended the war?

16. What date was the treaty signed on?

The Battle of New Orleans
17. When was the Battle of New Orleans fought?

18. Who led the United States forces?

19. Why was the battle unnecessary?

20. Why do you think the War of 1812 is sometimes called America's second war for independence?