West African Culture and Daily Life
Pages 151-154
Answer the questions using complete sentences.

Page 151: vocabulary
1. What is a kinship?
2. What are clans?

Picture page 151
3. How do Africans use the Niger River?

Page 152: Work
4. What work does most of West African villages center around?
5. What does labor specialization mean?

Pages 152-153: Trade and Regional Commerce
6. How did trade allow Africa to grow?
7. What did trade lead to the formation of?
8. What items were traded in Africa?
9. What did cities become centers of?

Page 153: Rise of Kings
10. What two roles did kings play?

Page 153: The Oral Tradition in West Africa
11. Why did Africans have to rely on an oral history to tell their stories?
12. What is a griot?
13. What did the griots often use in their stories?
14. How did the griots keep African history alive?
15. Why were oral traditions important in Africa?