Westward Expansion Document-based Activity
Answer the questions below on your own paper.

Using the map, place the letter of the correct answer next to the first five questions.

a. Columbia River
b. Missouri River
c. Pacific Ocean
d. Clatsop
e. Mandan

1. The Lewis and Clark Expedition started from St. Louis and traveled all the way to _________, the goal of the trip.

2. The explorers started out on the _________.

3. The explorers spent the first winter with the _______ tribe.

4. On the final stretch of the trip west, they traveled on the __________.

5. At the end of their trip west, they built a fort named _______.














6. During what year did U.S. imports reach $140 million?
a. 1806
b. 1807
c. 1812
d. 1814

7. During what year were imports at their lowest point?
a. 1807
b. 1810
c. 1812
d. 1814

8. During what years did U.S. exports total about $30 million?
a. 1805 and 1808
b. 1805 and 1810
c. 1807 and 1813
d. 1809 and 1812












9. Which trail to the West was the longest?
a. Sante Fe Trail
b. Oregon Trail
c. Mormon Trail
d. California Trail

10. What town was the starting point for both the Oregon Trail and the Sante Fe Trial?
a. Independence, Missouri
b. Sacramento, California
c. Sante Fe, New Mexico
d. Nauvoo, Illinois

11. Where did the Oregon Trail end?
a. Fort Hall
b. Sacramento
c. Fort Vancouver
d. Salt Lake City

12. Which of the following Native American tribes would a settler be unlikely to encounter of the Sante Fe Trail?
a. Cherokee
b. Chickasaw
c. Blackfoot
d. Seminole




13. What does this time line represent?
a. major events of the War with Mexico
b. how Texas became a state
c. how California became a state
d. all of the above

14. Which of the following events occurred last?
a. U.S. and Mexican troops fought near the Rio Grande.
b. Mexico City surrendered.
c. U.S. troops invaded Veracruz.
d. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed

15. On what date did General Taylor win the battle of Buena Vista?
a. April 25, 1845
b. February 23. 1847
c. March 9. 1847
d. July 7, 1846

16. What event happened earliest?
a. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed.
b. General Scott landed near Veracruz.
c. Mexican and American troops clashed near the Rio Grande.
d. Americans gained control of Mexico City.

17. What did the United States acquire through the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
a. Mexican Cession
b. Oregon Territory
c. Gadsden Purchase
d. all of the above