The Women's Rights Movement

The following women played active roles in the women's rights movement. The ultimate goal of the women's rights movement was to get women the right to vote, but there was much more. Learn about these efforts as you complete this assignment.

Answer the questions that follow using complete sentences on your own paper.

Susan B. Anthony
1. What three movements was Susan B. Anthony active in?
2. What caused Anthony to get involved in the women's rights movement?
3. What did she dedicate her life to?
4. Did Anthony realize her goal while she was alive? Explain why or why not.
5. Why was Susan B. Anthony arrested?
6. What was her fine and what did she say about it?
7. How is Susan B. Anthony honored in American history?

Margaret Fuller
8. Margaret Fuller was the first to do something. What was it?
9. What is her book considered?
10. What was Margaret Fuller an advocate for?

Lucretia Mott
11. What two causes did Lucretia Mott work for?
12. How did Lucretia Mott show that she thought slavery was wrong?

13. Why did Mott begin working for women's rights?

Elizabeth Cady Stanton
14. What word did Elizabeth Cady Stanton have dropped from her wedding ceremony? Why do you think she did this?
15. What happened to Stanton that caused her to organize a convention for women's rights?
16. What was the name of the convention that Stanton organized?

17. Who organized the convention with her?
18. What document was drawn up at the meeting?
19. What two words did the document add to the Declaration of Independence? (You will have to remember what the Declaration said to answer this question.)
20. What did the ninth resolution demand for women?

Sojourner Truth
21. Why did Isabella Baumfree take the name Sojourner Truth? (4th paragraph)
22. What is her most famous speech?
23. Read the speech and summarize the major point that is being made.

Amelia Jenks Bloomer
24. What did Amelia Bloomer promote the need for with women?
25. What was the name of Bloomer's magazine and what issues did it discuss?

Alice Paul
What was Alice Paul able to accomplish that others before her had not?
27. Why was Alice Paul jailed?
28. What happened to her in prison?
29. In what year did women finally get the right to vote and what constitutional amendment was it?

Lucy Stone
30. What "firsts" was Lucy Stone able to accomplish?