The Women’s Rights Movement
Pages 443-445
Answer the questions in your own paper using complete sentences.

1. What two causes did Sojourner Truth and Lucretia Mott speak for?
2. Why were Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton not allowed to enter the World Anti-Slavery Convention?
3. What rights did women in the 1800’s not enjoy?
4. What rights did some single women have?
5. What happened to a married woman’s wages if she worked?
6. What was the name of the convention that Stanton and Mott organized?
7. Where and when was the convention held?
8. What U.S. document did the women model their document on?
9. What did the women call their document?
10. What words did the women add to the Declaration of Independence?
11. What right did the women say had been denied them? (A Voice from the Past)
12. Why did the women at the Seneca Falls Convention believe they deserved rights and privileges?
13. What does suffrage mean?
14. What did Stanton believe the right to vote would do for women?
15. Looking at the cartoon on page 445, what were men afraid of if they gave women too many rights?
16. What causes did Susan B. Anthony fight for?
17. What rights did Anthony want women to have?
18. What other right did Anthony fight for?
19. Why do you think men were so afraid to give women rights?
20. Why do you think many women worked in both the antislavery and suffrage movement? What did the two movements have in common?