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I am the proud owner of a 2004 Toyota Prius hybrid. The car runs on gasoline as well as electricity, which means that it never needs to be plugged in. The Prius gets great gas mileage. Most people should average close to or above 50 mpg! (I am averaging 53 mpg.) The Prius is an Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicle (AT-PZEV). This is particularly important to the environment, as the Prius emits far less pollution-causing particles than the average car.

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Prius Web Sites

The 3rd Generation Toyota Prius Hybrid

Prius – Toyota USA Newsroom

2010 Toyota Prius World Debut Press Conference speech

John's Stuff - Toyota Prius - Everything you could possibly want to know about the Prius, and more.

Hacking your Prius – Heaven knows, Prius owners love their hybrid cars.But some of the most passionate among them are finding there are certain factory-set features they don't like, and they're increasingly finding ways to take matters into their own hands to change them. (CNET News)

Toyota Prius News – News on Toyota Prius continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.

SurfWax – News and Articles on Toyota Prius

Graham's Toyota Prius

Prius Visual FAQ Home - This is a listing of FAQs/VFAQs from the 2004 Prius community for various Modifications or Repairs.

The Hybrid 2004 Toyota Prius - Tips & Tricks

Spark: Bright ideas for a bright tomorrow - Microsite on the Prius from The Guardian Unlimited in Great Britain

Hybrid Synergy View - Newsletter for hybrid owners and enthusiasts

Toyota Prius Hybrid Car Guide - This guide has been written by two British drivers following a one week test drive around Southern England in the VVTi T3 version of this ground breaking green car. Being complete strangers to hybrid cars we were surprised at how few sites existed that included a prius review written from personal experience.

Toyota Prius From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mac Prius - Jeremy Kusnetz, a systems architect from Leesburg, Virginia, managed to fit an Intel-based Mac mini in the car's center instrument console, and even reprogrammed the built-in touch-sensitive display to work as an interface for the computer.

Prying Open the Prius - A look under the hood and inside the battery of the world's best-selling gas-electric hybrid car.

Prius Groups

PriusChat – The Online Community for Prius Owners and Enthusiasts

The Prius Owners Group – Prius News, Information And Commentary

Prius Online – Forum for Prius Owners

GreenHybrid – Discussion group for the Prius as well as the other hybrid vehicles

Toyota Prius Yahoo! Group – The original Prius Yahoo! Group

Prius-2G – Second Generation Prius Yahoo! Group

Prius-3G – Third Generaton Prius Yahoo! Group

Orange County Prius Club – Orange County Prius events, trips, resources and news


Hybrid Technology

Hybrid Center – Consumer Center, Buyer's Guide, Comparison Chart, Who's Got Hybrids?, Hybrid Reviews, Hybrid Incentives, and a Hybrid Blog.

Hybrid Cars – Information about hybrid vehicles, with daily news, blogs, and interactive tools, including a link that allows users to compare hybrid and non-hybrid vehicles.

CleanMPG – An authoritative source on fuel economy and hypermiling. Learn to raise fuel economy and and lower emissions in whatever you drive. You can also track your gas mileage here.

40 MPG - In addition to the 40mpg calculator, the new Web site also include powerful features that permit visitors to: join a community of other people who own their vehicle make/model; compare and contrast one vehicle's fuel-efficiency ratings with those of others; monitor how individual members of Congress weighed in on the most recent fuel-efficiency standard votes; contact automakers to speak out in favor of more fuel-efficient vehicles; and send a letter to the editor of a local newspaper urging the adoption of a 40 mpg fuel-efficiency standard.

Hybrids and hybrid history - This year will see the widest variety of gasoline/electric hybrid vehicles ever offered to the North American public. (Canadian Driver) - 2/24/05

The Air We Breath, the Cars We Drive - One of biggest factors affecting the quality of the air we breathe is the vehicles we drive. Where better to go looking for the problem and the solution than the Golden State? PBS story with videos. Includes a section called Hybrids Are Hot!

How Hybrid Cars Work

Finally, a car that really knows how to use its engine. - A great explanation of the Prius hybrid system by Patrick Bedard of Car and Driver. (3/29/04)

Compare Hybrid Vehicles Side-by-Side - (

Hybrid Auto Engineers Put the Brakes on Energy Loss (The Epoch Times)

Back to the Past: The History of Hybrids - Technology resuscitates the gasoline-electric hybrid.

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Prius Pictures and Videos

Extreme Toyota Prius – The worlds most rebuilt Toyota Prius from Sweden. Only engine and drivetrain is the same!

Intelligent park assist videos

2004 Prius Album - Very nice images of the Prius interior and exterior

Toyota Prius ride-along - QuickTime video review

2004 Prius photo collection

Toyota Prius in the Movies and on TV

2004 Prius Tideland Pearl with GretagMacbeth ColorChecker

Jim Henry's 2004 Prius

2004 Prius on the Big Sur Coast

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Prius Events

Feeling Fuelish - Join independent filmmaker Katie Gerringer as she travels across country in a Prius taking the ultimate test drive.

Hybridfest 2008 - A hybrid electric car show and more! July 19th and 20th.

Prius Marathoners Top 100 mpg - The result was a Prius "hypermileage" marathon. The team drove 1397 miles along a 15-mile course on 12.8 gallons in just under 48 hours. The result: a whopping 109.3 average miles per gallon! It's an unofficial world record. The highest mileage on a single shift was 120.6 mpg, logged by Wayne Gerdes. ( Hybrid Synergy View) - Fall 2005

Hybrid drivers complete run for mileage mark - 2 days, 1,400 miles, 110 mpg 1 tank. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) - 8/8/05

Hybrid drivers to push Prius to the limit - Starting tonight, a four-man driving team will attempt to achieve the highest mileage-per-gallon ever recorded in the sporty Toyota Prius: 100 miles per gallon. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) - 8/5/05

Bay Area Prius Owners - Photos from the Bay Area PriusChat Get Together at Shoreline Park in Mountain View, CA on July 10, 2004.

2003 Michelin Challenge Bibendum

Misc. Articles

The Eco-Car Engineers - A car mother nature loves. A nice article from Time Magazine on the team that created the Prius. (Time Magazine)

The follwing four articles deal with the problems with topping off your gas tank.

A definitive discussion on the fuel system in the Prius – Discusses exactly why topping off is bad and what happens if you do it.

Don't Top off your Tank!

Don't Top off your Gas Tank!

How bad is it if I...

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